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Our Ecommerce Solutions

Customized Online Store Development
Tailored to Your Brand

Build a unique and visually appealing online store that reflects your brand identity.

User-Friendly Interface

Provide an intuitive and seamless shopping experience for your customers.


Grow your business without worrying about outgrowing your ecommerce platform.


Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Responsive Design:

Ensure your online store is accessible and looks great on all devices.

Mobile Payment Integration

Seamlessly facilitate transactions through mobile payment methods.

Push Notifications

Engage customers with personalized notifications and offers.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide customers with a variety of payment methods for convenience.

Secure Transactions

Integrate trusted payment gateways for secure and hassle-free transactions.

Real-Time Processing

Ensure swift and efficient processing of online transactions.

Payment Gateway Integration

Ensure secure and convenient transactions with Hatsm's robust payment system, offering a range of options to meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Inventory Management

Our Inventory enables you to transfer orders between warehouses, generate picklists, and dispatch orders from the nearest warehouse seamlessly.

Real-Time Updates

Keep track of your inventory levels in real-time to prevent stockouts.

Automated Restocking

Set up automatic restocking alerts for efficient inventory management.

Integration with Suppliers

Streamline your supply chain with integration capabilities.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Business Insights

Leverage data analytics for valuable insights into customer behavior and sales trends.

Custom Reports

Generate reports tailored to your ecommerce KPIs and business goals.

Continuous Improvement

Make data-driven decisions to continually optimize your online store.

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